2022 Sunday Check-In

Weekly Check-In Sessions

Venerable Juewei
Jonathan Page
Joey Yeo
Priscilla Wong
Katya Todarello
Remy Low

A short session of weekly connection, dharma and community

Sundays from 11am – 11:30am Sydney Time via Zoom

Led by Venerable Juewei and experienced facilitators from the community, we will have a “Mindful Check-In” together, share and care in smaller groups, and close each session with a dedication of merits.

Venerable Juewei

16th January 2022
“Looking back at 2021, what are some memorable moments of abundance in your inward journey? 

Looking Backwards and Inwards

16th Jan 2022 We hope you all have had a joyful and relaxed holiday. For our first Sunday Check-in Session of the year, Venerable Juewei will guide us to think about how grateful we can be for coming …

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