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Tales from a Meditation Cushion

  • by
Priscilla Wong

9th October 2022

After hitting the big 100 last week, we are embarking on another new adventure with the rest of the year devoted to Turning Points stories from the community.

In these 3 months, we will meet some old and new friends from the community sharing their personal stories of experiences great and small of dharma in everyday life. First up will be Priscilla reflecting on a recent 10-day retreat and her story “Tales from the Meditation Cushion”.

For the session, Priscilla would like you to consider the following questions:

  1. Do you have any of your own experiences from the meditation cushion to share?
  2. Have there been any practices/activities which have allowed you to realize “simple truths”?
  3. Any other reflections on Priscilla’s story?