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With members across a variety of professions, world-views and spiritual beliefs, our community has been fortunate to hear a diverse offering of life-experience and wisdom. In order to benefit as many as possible, we have collected and compiled and are now able to present a number of resources including articles, talks, meditations and self-practice exercises to help you on your way.

Spiritual and Environmental Preservation Practice 
Inspired by Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s call for each of us to recognise the inherent purity and compassion within, the “Spiritual and Environment Preservation Practice (SEPP)” community began to crystallise at the April 2019 Communities of Practice. Since then, small SEPP community groups have been meeting to explore the knowledge, practice and power needed to nurture ourselves and the world sustaining us. Read more about the project from Tom Halbert, see the resources created and sign up to the SEPP newsletter. 

Principles of Internet Usage
The following document is a result of a collaborative effort by the attendees of the workshop “Adapting to Difference: Equipping Youths with Principles to Navigate the Digital Landscape” held on 22nd April 2019 at Nan Tien Institute. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Jade Hutchinson and Mr Alex Trauth-Goik. The principles outlined are a guide to mindful and compassionate engagement”. 

Kyoto:” Surviving Our Shattered World- Embracing the Circle of Wholeness”
Following on from his leadership and authorship of the Kyoto Manifeto for Global Economics, our generous CoP Advisor Emeritus Professor Stephen Hill presented in June 2019 

Kyoto: ’Surviving Our Shattered World – Embracing the Circle of Wholeness’. 

He has kindly shared a short paper on some of the key points discussed at this landmark conference.

Read his insights into how we can repair our fragmented world by drawing on our collective humanity, skills, creativity and spirituality – how the uniqueness and beauty of each individual’s “voice” can help to build a new and stronger world of harmonious and joyous “polyphony”. 

Hugh Mackay on What Makes US Human 
Author and sociologist Hugh Mackay explored how to ‘Heal an Anxious Society’ in our March Communities of Practice.  Listen to him speak here about our needs as humans, and the intrinsic connections we have with each other and our communities.  Watch the video here.

Communities of Practice ebook: Humanistic Buddhist Responses to Modern Crises

We thank the editors Jade Hutchinson and Alex Trauth-Goik, and the facilitators of the day for this invaluable document sharing the experiences of the “We Can Make a Difference” Communities of Practice Day – the final CoP of 2019.

“In the writing of this compendium it is hoped that others around the world may take the humanity focused enterprise advocated within these pages upon themselves. The CoP does not constitute a single event or voice, but rather, a blueprint for others to improve themselves and their respective communities. Accordingly, this compendium comprises both academic and community voices and draws from Humanistic Buddhist principles, to craft an artefact for all communities, now and in the future”.  Watch the video here.  View the eBook here.

What is Humanistic Buddhism? (Oct 2020)
With the Institute of Chinese Buddhism podcasts

Reflections from the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch (Nov 2020)
With the Buddhist Library

Interfaith panel on the Bridging the Gap (November 2020)
With the University of the West

FGS English Dharma Services (April 2020)

NTI Covid-19 Detox Series 2020: 

Live Dharma Panel: Finding Our Way out of Crisis (June 2020). 

Boston Dharma Talk: Humanistic Life Ethics in Today’s Digital World (August 2020)

Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic with a Positive mind (April 6)

Covid-19 Detox Series – Introduction

Humanistic Life Ethics in Today’s Digital World by Venerable Dr. Jue Wei (September 19)

University of Malaya Faith and Legacy Forum. Venerable Dr. Jue Wei delivered keynote ” Women and Buddhism” (September 19)

The Coronavirus Moment by Emeritus Professor Stephen Hill 

Bluestar Intercultural Centre “Conversations on Racism: Racism and Religion

Nan Tien Series – Reflections 2020: Creativity, Compassion and Capacity

Venerable Juewei speaking on the IC Buddhism Podcast: “Humanistic Buddhism: Values for the Contemporary World”

As students of the Shakyamuni Buddha and also Buddhas in all the ten directions, we make the sacred vow of practicing the teachings every day, with the goal to eventually awaken ourselves and to access our intrinsic luminous nature. For us to achieve a human physical existence in this life, is both a cause for celebration and a cause for regrets. We celebrate because the human life has a lot more opportunities that allow us to embark on the path towards awakening than the other realms. We express regret as to why we still have not attained Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi or the unexcelled complete enlightenment. However, this is not the time for self-criticism nor self-demoralisation.

This is the time to acknowledge the reality that we are all in right now. It is the time for us to evaluate our practices thus far and assess deeply as to the effectiveness of our current practice in leading us onto the path of enlightenment.

This Journal has been inspired by Joey Yeo’s 4Rs of Daily Practice: Review, Routine, Reminders and Resolve and is intended as a companion to you on your spiritual path. We hope you enjoy your journey!

The Communities of Practice is a non-profit volunteer run initiative. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at