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Priscilla Wong

1st May 2022

Priscilla introduces our May sessions with “friendship” to kick off a month-only of a surprise new format, and she invites us to reflect on the following excerpt and consider the following questions.

Monks, a friend endowed with seven qualities is worth associating with. Which seven? He gives what is hard to give. He does what is hard to do. He endures what is hard to endure. He reveals his secrets to you. He keeps your secrets. When misfortunes strike, he doesn’t abandon you. When you’re down & out, he doesn’t look down on you. A friend endowed with these seven qualities is worth associating with.” (From Mitta Sutta)

  1. What has been your experience of friendship? If comfortable, share a story of friendship you have found meaningful (whether positive or negative).
  2. What do you think of the Buddha’s advice on being a good friend?  
  3. How do you cultivate your friendships?