Weekly Check-In Sessions

Venerable Juewei
Jonathan Page
Joey Yeo
Cecilia Manikan
Remy Low
Katya Todarello

A short session of weekly connection, dharma and community

Sundays from 11am – 11:30am Sydney Time via Zoom
Starting 10th Jan 2021

Led by Venerable Juewei and experienced facilitators from the community, we will have a “Mindful Check-In” together, share and care in smaller groups, and close each session with a dedication of merits.

Priscilla Wong

28th Nov 2021

We received a sparkling diamond last week with the topic on “Infinity” and this coming Sunday, we will reflect on the theme of “Altruism”, which will be facilitated by Priscilla.

The passage for our reflection is: 

“Moreover, Subhuti, within this phenomenal world, a bodhisattva should practice giving without abiding in anything. This means that he should not give abiding in form, nor should he give abiding in sound, smell, taste, touch, or dharmas. Subhuti, a bodhisattva should not give abiding in any notion whatsoever. And why is this? If a bodhisattva gives without abiding in any notion whatsoever, then his merit will be immeasurable.”

She invites us to ponder a few questions as below:

1. When giving, what are some factors that we unconsciously abide in?

2. Give an example (big or small) where you have been the giver, receiver or witnessed true altruism?

3. How can we practice giving without abiding in our daily lives?


In this week’s session, we will collectively reflect on the following words in the Diamond Sutra

Mindful Movements

Building our relationship with Time for awakening and realisation

31st Oct 2021, What does it mean for me – to be in the present moment?

Right Speech as the wholehearted expression of Buddhist practice.

24th Oct 2021. After a powerful session last Sunday regarding courage, we hope that you have had a beautiful and courageous week. This Sunday, Dr. Ekaterina Todarello will share with us the topic of “…

Finding courage to live fully

17th Oct 2021. Inspired by your insightful discussions last week regarding the power of music, this Sunday, Dr. Ekaterina Todarello will share with us the topic of “Finding courage to live fully”.

The Power of Music as the Language of a Human Soul

10th Oct 2021. Dr. Ekaterina Todarello will lead us to discover “The power of music as the language of a human soul” in this upcoming Sunday session.

Realising my Dharma Through Work

3rd Oct 2021. We are invited to ponder the below questions: 1) What is my medicine, my talents and gifts? How do I use those in my work and can I do better?

The Joy of Sadness

26th Sept 2021. Dr. Jonathan is inviting us to explore and reveal the “The Joy of Sadness”.

So Much Sadness – What Can I do?

12th Sept 2021. Dr. Jonathan is inviting us to investigate responses to sadness with the topic  “So Much Sadness – What Can I do?

In Praise of Sadness

28th August 2021. This coming Sunday Check-In will be having our friend, Dr Jonathan to facilitate the theme of ‘In- Praise of Sadness’ with us, allowing us to open the wonders and subtlety of sadness…

How to Stop

22/8/2021 Dr Low is asking us to reflect on a complementary skill to that of engaging – our ability to take a break and to stop.

How to Engage

15/8/2021 Remy is inviting us to: “Start reflecting on the areas of life where we may find ourselves too immersed, or too detached”

Personal Worldview

8/8/2021 Worldviews are central in defining the roles we play. They shape what we believe and what we’re willing to believe, how we interpret our experiences, how we behave in response to those experi…

Self Awareness

1/8/2021 How, with greater self-awareness, empathy and self-regulation, can we become a healing gift to others?

Trust in Shared Humanity

25/7/2021 Dr. Cecile Manikan will lead us with another splendid journey—Trust in Shared Humanity


18/7/2021 Dr. Cecile Manikan will tell the stories of two great leaders of our time, Venerable Master Hsing Yun and Nelson Mandela


11/7/2021 Cecile is going to lead us on a beautiful journey of Giving. Giving is a way of expressing gratitude and appreciation while establishing good conditions and building affinities.

Freedom from Freedom

4/7/2021 Freedom from Freedom What have we done for others? How do we give of ourselves to others? Let us reflect on our own mode and language of giving.

Living Kindly

27/6/2021 “How have you lived kindly this past week? How could you be even kinder?”

Bodhisattva Precepts

20/6/2021 What have you done in the past week that has lit up a corner of your world? Is it something you would like to repeat? Why or why not?

Five Precepts

13/6/2021 We are looking forward to discussing your lived experience of practicing five precepts.

Taking Refuge

6/6/2021 We are looking forward to discussing your thoughts and reflections regarding finding and taking refuge in face of challenges

Dharma is Everywhere – Your Turn!

30/5/2021 With a week of reflecting on “Dharma is everywhere” and with the examples provided in the past three weeks (i.e roads, social media and space), where else can we see the Buddha Dharma, and h…

Dharma is Everywhere: Space

23/5/2021 Staring into the skies of the dark night, seeing the stars, the moon, and, if lucky, some other planets, what do you feel? And what aspect of Buddha Dharma flows into your mind?


16/5/2021 We’ve had 30 sessions together and like all good things, it’s time for a review. Shall we continue as is? Make a few changes? We’d love to hear from you!

Dharma is Everywhere: Media/Social Media

9/5/2021 Joey is again taking us on a journey through every day experiences in his series on Dharma is Everywhere.