Mindful Movements

  • by
Louise Zaslawski

14th Nov 2021
Mindful Movements

The first chapter of the sutra describes the Buddha mindfully preparing his body and mind. This week, Priscilla has invited our friend Louise Zaslawski to guide our community through a Mindful Movements session. The movements will run until 11:30am and can be performed seated or standing.

Please ensure you have comfortable clothing and enough room to stretch. After 11:30am, if you would like to continue your mindful practice, please feel free to leave the session. Otherwise, we will have our breakout rooms and usual discussions, and Louise has kindly agreed to stay to answer any questions.

Our discussion questions for tomorrow will be: 1. How did the Mindful Movements session make you feel?2. Do you take time in the day to check in with your body? When is this? What does it tell you?