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Self Compassion

  • by
Jonathan Page

10th January 2021

Our first meeting of 2021 guided by Dr. Jonathan Page.

How do you plan to take good care of yourself in 2021? This may include taking care of body, mind, relationships or other aspects.

Also a message from Venerable Juewei below as we continue our practice and journey together.

Dear Sunday Community Friends,

I heard the below story from Roshi Joan Halifax this morning and felt that I had to share it with our Communities of Practice.

Roshi Joan quoted from this article about how Itzhak Perlman, stricken by polio, delivered an incredible piece in New York City when one of the strings on his violin snapped during his performance.  At the end of this amazing concert, Perlman said “it is the artist’s task to find out how much music you can still make with what you have left.”

What makes it possible for a musician to improvise and not give up when put on the spot?  One key ingredient is “practice.”  If Perlman were not practised, he would not have the confidence nor the ability to deliver the spectacular.  So, it is with our Communities of Practice.  Our weekly practice is what will help us to overcome our perceived limits and scale the heights of the tower of Humanity.

Let’s continue with our practice so that we too will be the maestro of our life whatever 2021 may bring us,

Juewei joining palms