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Joey Yeo

21st November 2021

In this week’s session, we will collectively reflect on the following words in the Diamond Sutra. Specifically, let’s explore how these words of wisdom are like diamonds or thunderbolts that cut through our own ignorance/imperfections and encourage us to be a better person in our daily lives?

The Buddha said to Subhuti, “All great bodhisattvas should subdue their minds in the following manner: Of all sentient beings, be they born of eggs, wombs, moisture, or transformation, or whether they have form, or no form, or whether they are able to perceive, or do not perceive, […] or are neither able to perceive nor not perceive, I cause them to enter nirvana without remainder, liberating them. Thus by liberating infinite, innumerable, limitless sentient beings, in reality, no sentient beings are liberated. 

“And why is this? Subhuti, if a bodhisattva has the notion of a self, the notion of others, the notion of sentient beings, or the notion of longevity, then he is not a bodhisattva.

The discussion question for this coming Sunday check-in session: 

How can we transcend the notion of self, notion of others, notion of sentient beings or the notion of longevity/lifespan in our daily lives?