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Seeing the Tathagata

  • by
Joey Yeo

5th December 2021

We are now mid-way through giving diamonds to each other. We gave each other reminders on the importance of being mindful of our daily routines, activities and actions. We were also reminded on the importance of seeing and realising every moment beyond the notion of self, others, sentient beings and timespan. We encouraged each other to give without abiding in anything.

And this Sunday, let’s collectively see the Tathagata.

The quote for this week is:
Chapter 5 – Seeing the Truth That Lies Beneath Perception

The Buddha said to Subhuti,
“All forms are illusory.
If you see that all forms are not forms,
then you see the Tathagata.”


The discussion questions are as below:
How are forms illusory? How are forms not forms?
Why must we “see” Tathagata? How can we “see” Tathagata?