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Shadows, Dreams and Bubbles

  • by
Priscilla Wong

19th December 2021

Last week, under the guidance of Joey, we were asked to reflect on the practice of “letting go” and the benefits that we can gain from such a practice. This week, Priscilla will lead us through the final Chapter of The Diamond Sutra.

The quote for this week is:
Chapter 32 – Like Shadows, Like Bubbles, Like Dreams

All conditioned phenomena
Are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, and shadows,
Like dew and lightning.
One should contemplate them in this way


The discussion questions are as below:

Reflecting on an event or experience you’ve had in 2021, how will contemplating it as “dreams, illusions, bubbles and shadows” benefit you and others?

Share your reflections on these six weeks of exploring The Diamond Sutra. Was there any one “diamond” which resonated most with you? How will you apply this diamond to your everyday life from now on?