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Introducing Professor Stephen Hill’s latest book

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Stephen Hill

17th July 2022

A very special Sunday Check In this week taking a look at some practical and wider global issues, and how Humanistic Buddhism principles can help us understand and creatively address these.

Our friend Professor Stephen Hill introduces his new book just published internationally and to be launched officially in August: “The Kyoto Post-COVID Manifesto for Global Economics: Confronting Our Shattered Society”.

Stephen’s career covers multiple disciplines supporting an overall concern to make knowledge work for the emancipation and welfare of people, in particular, the most disadvantaged. He has published a lot of books and research articles along the way. The book confronts the massive distortions to world equality and care for our future which follow from a Global Economy based on self-interest, but then shows a New Economics based on our Humanity is not only possible but already emerging.

He asks us to consider the following questions:

  1. Can you think of ways in which self-serving economic interest of others impact on your life; and, on the other hand, experiences you may have had within day-to-day economic relations where the other guy genuinely cares and shares?
  2. Think of ways you personally can, and do, support collective caring and sharing in your own community – in particular with supporting equity and opportunity for others. How can you generalise caring and sharing rather than self-interest into the community as a whole?