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The Wonders of Well-Being: Purpose in Life

  • by
Jonathan Page

27th Feb 2022

In the past three weeks, Dr. Jonathan Page has guided us to explore the first 3 pillars of Well-Being—Awareness, Inter-connection and Insight. The profound and authentic reflections from our community friends shed light on a luminous insight into the nature of the human experience.

This week, we address the final pillar—Purpose in Life, and the questions Dr. Page would like us to consider are:

  1. Do you believe that you have an underlying, spiritual purpose in your life, beyond the daily tasks?
  2. Does this purpose relate to some inner quality, talent or intuition that you have, or perhaps share with others?
  3. Is it important that life has “meaning”? What does this even mean!
  4. Does a purpose in life and a sense of meaning actually improve your well-being, your sense of contentment, or not?