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Death, Birth and Vows

  • by
Joey Yeo

30th October 2022

This week Joey will be sharing his story of “Death, Birth and Vows” – how a childhood near death experience inspired his study of the Amitabha Buddha and the Pureland, and his interpretation of the following vows he challenges himself with daily:

“I vow to practice to eradicate ignorance, anger and greed, and be a good role model and bring about a micro pureland to others around me”.

I vow to be a hearer of sounds of sufferings, extending my hands, hearts and minds to those who are in need. Fill them with peace, equanimity and joy. Eradicate conditions that lead to our unwholesome karmic outcomes together.”

Joey would like us to consider the following questions:

1. What ingredients will be needed to realise the above vows? 

2. What vows can we make to bring micro purelands to our daily lives?