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The Art of Nobility

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Cecile Manikan
Cecile Manikan

11th February 2024

We are delighted to invite Dr Cecile Manikan who provides us a glimpse of her sharing:

Venerable Master Hsing Yun has so perfected the art of nobility – the endless generosity of heart that knows no bounds as it draws from the bounty of deep gratitude, the sensitivity and inner refinement borne of the necessity to uphold one’s dignity amidst trials and adversities, the bigness of heart that seeks to serve, unite, and harmonize all.  Master Hsing Yun touched, moved, and inspired me – and a host of millions of other non-Buddhists like me.  

In my journey as an educator, I continue to work (and study) with FGS monastics.  And similarly, they too touch lives and inspire people. How well have they imbibed the very same qualities of nobility that the Master has exemplified?  This is what this piece is all about – extracted and abridged from an actual letter I wrote to the Venerable Master in September, 2022 after visiting Nan Tien in Australia.

Reflection questions: 

  1. What action or behavior from others have truly touched or moved you?
  2. How do you inspire or how have you inspired others?