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Priceless Practice

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Venerable Juewei
Venerable Juewei

3rd December 2023

Welcome to the final “formal” Sunday check-in session of the year with Venerable Juewei. In this “Priceless Practice” session, she will introduce Bodhidharma’s Four Practices and Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s Song of Ten Practices. She invites you to ponder the below questions.

  1. Recall any difficult situation that you encountered in 2023. How did you view the situation? How does Bodhidharma’s first practice of seeing the situation as past (collective) karma bearing fruit change your view?
  2. On Bodhidharma’s fourth practice, did any of our 2023 episodes resonate with your situation? Or, perhaps Venerable Master’s Song of Ten Cultivations?