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Life as an Elder

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Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill

26th February 2023

We are introducing a short 4-part series within the Sunday Check Ins “Intergenerational Learning” . The series will involve different generational groups presenting concerns, challenges and wisdom from their unique perspectives.

For the first session we are delighted to have our friend Stephen Hill present the generation: “Life as an Elder”. He would like all of us to consider the following questions:

  1. What has been your most important life lesson so far?
  2. If you came across an older person who seems genuinely wise and experienced, what would you want to learn from them?

So, if you are an elder with wisdom to share, a younger person curious about the experience of a generation that seems far away, or a middle aged person reflecting on approaching the senior years, your input and ideas will be vital and gratefully received in this very conversational session.