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Living with Impermanence

“The first Noble Truth of Buddhism states that life is unsatisfactory. A large part of this truth rests on the fact that no one can escape sickness, old age and death”. 
– Venerable Master Hsing Yun

At some point, we must all face the vulnerability of illness, the pain of loss, the inevitability of death.  These truths have challenged humankind throughout the ages, and will be explored deeply and sensitively in the June Communities of Practice day.  Hear the diverse panel share their unique and rich personal experiences, and bring your own perspectives and insights to this trusted community. 


Professor Stephen Hill speaks on the reality of impermanence and our relation to it as part of the human condition.

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Jonathan Page speaks on a Buddhist approach to medical care in relation to modern medicine.

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Sunim Bom Hyon speaks on dying and her experience working in palliative care.


Cecilia Mitra very candidly shares her experience with the death of a loved-one and the resultant grief.

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