Workshops are held in the afternoon of each Communities of Practice Day. They are conducted by facilitators who are experts in their chosen fields which include mindfulness, business, leadership and Buddhism. Workshops are conducted in small groups and provide the opportunity to network, share ideas and experiences, and brainstorm solutions to modern societal problems and crises. Participants are asked to select their workshop at morning registration. Places are limited so will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Magali Goirand and Bruce McKenzie

How to participate in action to achieve community harmony and peace

All communities aspire to harmony and peace. The question is how can we act to initiate or sustain harmony in our own communities? How do we make a difference through our engagement?

Participants will first reflect and envision what it means to participate in a harmonious community by drawing from their experiences. From this pool of knowledge, small groups will emerge novel approaches to achieve harmony in their communities. Participants will then choose one approach which they will strive to implement at home. Each person will be invited to register their intention and report on their progress in the coming weeks.

Alex Trauth-Goik and Jade Hutchinson

‘Adapting to Difference’: Equipping Youth with Principles to Navigate the Digital Landscape

The internet holds the potential for great progress and great harm. As the world becomes a more complex and confusing place, young people are being affected by unprecedented change and challenged to adapt to the difference. The development of the internet, among other things, has placed great strain on the classical idea of a carefree, youthful experience. Although young people are provided insight into global affairs by using the internet, they have become increasingly concerned by the imminency of global problems. While youths positively connect with their peers through social media, their prolific adoption of portable handheld devices has installed a virtual social network in which there can be no ‘logging-off’. Dependent on its user, the internet can be a conduit for youthful expression, positive activism and social engagement, learning and cooperation. In this workshop Jade and Alex explore these and
other issues and collaborate with participants to formulate ‘principles’ that will help young people navigate the digital landscape and engage with the internet in meaningful ways.

Gawaine Powell-Davies

Engaging with the community

A healthy person is a connected person, and a strong community is an engaged community. In this workshop we will explore how an engaged community works, and the opportunities for individuals, families, organisations and communities to become more engaged. We will hear examples from the Buddhist Council of NSW and from the experience of participants. 


Participants will be encouraged to review their own engagement, and identify where they may want to develop this over the next year.

Venerable Miaoyu

The Pathway to Happiness

People from all backgrounds are actively pursuing happiness in everything they do, seeking solutions to effectively handle the demands of life. Coping with the volatility, uncertainty, change and ambiguity of modern society can present challenges to our relationships without tried and tested guidelines. The pace of our lives can impact our health, but a moment of thought can transform our daily lives. Are we recognising the wealth we already have?

The aspects of health, wealth and relationships will all be explored in an insightful ‘fireside chat’ with Venerable Miaoyu – a rare opportunity to access her broad experience and hear responses to a facilitated Q&A session.

Venerable Miaoyou

Meditation Workshop: Connecting Mind and Heart

We all know about mindfulness, what about the heartfulness?
Heartful awareness detects patterns programming; By consistently experiencing moments of authentic heartful awareness, we create changes in our bodies, brains, spirit and psyche. Heart awareness heals wounds, reduce stress and anxiety. Do we want to reclaim our lives to hear the calmness and re-make choices so that to we can change our blue-print? This workshop will raise awareness in the way we think and feel about our inner world.

Venerable Miaoyou

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