Communities of Practice ebook: Humanistic Buddhist Responses to Modern Crises

We thank the editors Jade Hutchinson and Alex Trauth-Goik, and the facilitators of the day for this invaluable document sharing the experiences of the “We Can Make a Difference” Communities of Practice Day – the final CoP of 2019.


“In the writing of this compendium it is hoped that others around the world may take the humanity focused enterprise advocated within these pages upon themselves. The CoP does not constitute a single event or voice, but rather, a blueprint for others to improve themselves and their respective communities. Accordingly, this compendium comprises both academic and community voices and draws from Humanistic Buddhist principles, to craft an artefact for all communities, now and in the future”.  Document here.

Principles of Internet Usage

The following document is a result of a collaborative effort by the attendees of the workshop “Adapting to Difference: Equipping Youths with Principles to Navigate the Digital Landscape” held on 22nd April 2019 at Nan Tien Institute. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Jade Hutchinson and Mr Alex Trauth-Goik. The principles outlined are a guide to mindful and compassionate engagement”. Document here.

Kyoto:" Surviving Our Shattered World- Embracing the Circle of Wholeness"

Following on from his leadership and authorship of the Kyoto Manifeto for Global Economics, our generous CoP Advisor Emeritus Professor Stephen Hill presented in June 2019 

Kyoto: ’Surviving Our Shattered World – Embracing the Circle of Wholeness’. 

He has kindly shared a short paper on some of the key points discussed at this landmark conference.


Read his insights into how we can repair our fragmented world by drawing on our collective humanity, skills, creativity and spirituality – how the uniqueness and beauty of each individual’s “voice” can help to build a new and stronger world of harmonious and joyous “polyphony”. Document here.

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