A Humanistic Buddhist Response to Modern Crises

The Communities of Practice is a series of one day events focused on self reflection, exploration, networking and practice. The series has been organised by volunteers from the Nan Tien Institute 

who are passionate about helping empower individuals and groups to respond effectively to the 

common challenges of today.


Change the world by changing your world.  Join us at the next Communities of Practice day.

The Power of The Gift

Presented by Aunty Fran Bodkin

7 OCT 2018

Aunty Fran Bodkin

The Power of The Mind

Presented by Bill Lovegrove AO

28 Jan 2019

Professor Bill Lovegrove

Healing an
Anxious Society

Presented by Hugh Mackay AO

3 MAR 2019

Hugh Mackay

We Can
Make a Difference

Presented by Stephen Hill AM, John Hatton AO, Rev Bill Crews AM

22 APR 2019 (Easter long weekend)

Professor Stephen Hill
John Hatton
Rev Bill Crews

Each day begins with an activity to focus and calm the mind and body. Mindful Movements remind us that every action we take should be done so with awareness and consideration.


Expert speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to a morning keynote session with the whole community. Keynote speakers come from diverse backgrounds and include environmentalists, authors, politicians, and local and international charity founders. All embody Buddhist values of compassion, generosity and wisdom to guide a new approach.


The community then divides into smaller groups to workshop practical responses to specific challenges. Workshops are facilitated by thought leaders from the fields of Buddhism, leadership, psychology and business. These sessions allow the collective skills and insights of the community to flourish.

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